Devialet Phantom Premier Loudspeaker


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Phantom Premier from Devialet is another class of speaker.

Experience the full immensity of tracks you’ve already heard a thousand times over. From sub-bass to ultra-sharp treble, explore your music’s full potential – with zero distortion, zero saturation, zero background noise.



Phantom Premier

Forget what you think you know. Unlike any wireless speakers that have gone before, Phantom Premier’s revolutionary technologies fuse together to deliver an intense emotional experience. One you can literally feel in your bones.

Plug, play and unleash the physical impact of a high-end ultra-dense sound with power, clarity and precision like nothing you’ve ever encountered.

Hi-Fi. Docks. Speakers. Home cinema. Wireless, bluetooth or multi-room. Phantom Premier obliterates all existing home sound systems.

Patented inventions

Phantom is the absolute expression of the vision Devialet are constantly working towards – making the best sound in the world as universal as possible.

By combining radical new patented inventions, Phantom consistently shatters expectations at every step of the sound reproduction chain, with performances 10 to 1000 times superior to anything previously measured.


Analog Digital Hybrid (ADH®) delivers all the sophistication of analog amplification together with all the power and compactness of digital amplification. The best of both worlds. For amplification of unparalleled clarity and transparency.


Heart-Bass Implosion (HBI®) is a one-of-a-kind system. Developed exclusively for Phantom, it takes you to the lowest frequencies ever emitted.

Engineered to perform under extreme compactness and pressure, Phantom’s hermetically sealed architecture consists of two lateral woofers powering together. The sheer thrust force behind their combined movement generates ultra-dense sound with physical impact. Right down to infrasound – 14Hz – welcome to the deep end!


Speaker Active Matching (SAM®) is a mathematical model to ensure extreme fidelity throughout playback. Whether you’re dealing with transients or steady-state signal, the degree of information processed by SAM® is radically superior to anything previously deemed possible.

This enables Phantom to reproduce the exact rhythm and tempo of your music. All of it with absolute precision, so you can experience every last emotion just as the artist intended.


Devialet’s Active Cospherical Engine (ACE) technology is inherent to Phantom’s revolutionary architecture.

Driven by the acoustic principle of Olson’s pulsating sphere, Phantom radically optimizes the way sound waves form and travel, evenly, and in all directions. For perfectly balanced sound and zero surface diffraction, whatever the listening angle.

EVO Platform

The Devialet EVO Platform is a wireless service providing you with the latest upgrades.

Users receive performance and compatibility updates direct to their Phantom, wirelessly and hassle-free. Simply connect to the Devialet Spark app and let EVO cybernetics do the rest.


Phantom Premier features Bluetooth. AirPlay®. Spotify Connect. UPnP. Optical or Analog. However you choose to connect, Premier is ready.


Compare specifications of each Phantom Premier model using this chart:

Model Classic Silver Gold Opéra de Paris
Power 1200W 3000W 4500W 4500W
Impact 101dB 105dB 108dB 108dB
Response 16Hz-25kHz 16Hz-25kHz 14Hz-27kHz 14Hz-27kHz
RRP £1590 £1890 £2490 £2690

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Devialet was born in 2007 as a response to the paradox that whilst music has never been so accessible in terms of volume, the quality of the sound itself, and the way technologies manage to restitute it, remains questionable. The purity and detail that make music what it is, continues to elude us.

The company name is a reference to engineer Guillaume Vialet, a companion of Diderot and contributor to the French Encyclopedia. Vialet is widely known as one the intellectuals who, through their intellectual, cultural and scientific commitment, contributed to the betterment of the world.

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Weight 11.4 kg
Dimensions 34.3 × 25.3 × 25.5 cm

Classic, Gold, Gold Phantom Opéra de Paris, Silver

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