STAX SR-007MK2 Omega Electrostatic System

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Consisting of 1x SRM-007tII Driver unit, and 1x SR-007 Mk2 Earspeakers, this Kimik-modified vacuum tube electrostatic headphone system from STAX Audio delivers a warm, detailed sound with superior richness.

Driver unit previously available in Silver or Black finish. This system is now discontinued.



SR-007MK2 Omega System

Featuring the Kimik-modified vacuum tube driver unit, paired with the unique new electrode structure of the SR-007MK2 earspeakers, the Omega system features cryogenically treated and precisely matched 6FQ7 vacuum tubes fitted with 3-ring dampers, plus a Synergistic Research Red Fuse. All SRM-007tII energisers undergo at least five days of run-in and bias adjustment.

System includes SRM-007tII Driver unit and SR-007 Mk2 Earspeakers

SRM-007tII Driver Unit

SRM-007tII is a special Kimik Edition vacuum-tube electrostatic headphone amplifier driver unit, equipped with selected old or new stock 6FQ7 valves, all cryogenically treated, with pins plated with 24 carat gold. Valves are fitted with EAT tube dampers. Bias and balance are adjusted over a five-day period for optimum performance.
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SR-007 Mk2 Earspeakers

SR-007MK2 was developed to provide deep powerful sound previously unobtainable in Earspeakers. With a unique new electrode structure, and an increased diaphragm vibration area, these headphones present a rich and powerful sound yet retaining all the detail STAX is famous for.
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Founded in 1938, STAX brought the world's first electrostatic headphone to market in 1960 and today continues their long tradition by offering the finest products for both professional and audiophile applications.

All STAX headphones are referred to as "earspeakers" - the company states that such ultra-high fidelity devices can only be compared with the best cost-no-object loudspeakers, not other headphones. Their unique amplifiers, earspeakers and drivers are highly sought-after products, and extremely well considered by aficionados in the audio industry.

Unilet Sound & Vision are one of the oldest STAX dealers in the UK, and one of the very few official outlets for their products.

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