Our Team

Meet those who are, at least partly, responsible.

Amit Patel | Unilet Sound & Vision

Cable Specialist

Joined Unilet in 1983

Amit is brilliant at knowing exactly what works with what, ensuring constantly great stock at great prices. He likes to keep a low profile, but after 40-odd years in the business, what he doesn’t know about hi-fi, cables, connectors and headphones isn’t worth knowing.

Vernon Hamblin | Unilet Sound & Vision

General Manager

Joined Unilet in 1999

The self-confessed “old fart” of Unilet, if you want to talk about old gear then Vernon’s your man. A committed musicologist and fanatical vinyl collector since the 60’s, he certainly knows his stuff. He is also of a far cuddlier demeanour than the above picture may suggest.

Joe Hanif | Unilet Sound & Vision

Senior Sales

Joined Unilet in 2001

Joe isn’t someone you’ll forget – once you’ve met him, you’ll know exactly what we mean. He has learned a lot about hi-fi and home cinema over the past 18 years in the industry, and he’ll be very happy to pass on his views to you – especially if you’re a Spurs fan.

David Quigley | Unilet Sound & Vision

Senior Sales

Joined Unilet in 2000

David is our resident film buff, having studied Film, Media & Graphical Communications. He is our go-to person for anything regarding aspect ratios, colour timing, frame rates, DTS calibration and all things home cinema, including soundtracks and composers.

Jamie Harriss | Unilet Sound & Vision


Joined Unilet in 2019

A keen portrait photographer, and Yacht Rock fanatic, Jamie exudes a quiet, thoughtful demeanour and a decades-deep experience of audio. He is at his best helping customers navigate the options, steering them effortlessly to something they love.

Erick Remy | Unilet Sound & Vision


Joined Unilet in 2008

Erick is the man to talk to if you want a specialist state-of-the-art multi-room hi-fi and/or home cinema installation. He spent years audio retailing in London before spending seven years with Sky, and there is nobody as capable with wiring.

Lee Heron | Unilet Sound & Vision

Web Design & IT Support

Joined Unilet in 2018

Responsible for redesigning, building and maintaining all the company websites, Lee is exclusively Apple Mac, Vegan AF, and is slowly working through reams of old Unilet server content from the days of dial-up.

Ex-Staff Members | Unilet Sound & Vision

Ex-Staff Members
Thank You, One & All

Chronologically, since our inception in 1969

Peter Merrick, Ray Churchouse, Peter Oakley
Tim O’Malley, Bob Tomalski, Clive Lincoln
Roy Saverton, Nick Marcelline, Jason Roberts
Philip Swift, Ron Locke, Andrew Poulackeris, Simon Burton
Scott McConville, Ben Bennett, Jon Ballard
Nick Hills, Matt Jacobs, Keith Field, Phil Wannell.