WEEE Take-Back Service

Free like-for-like disposal of your old products.

Electrical waste is becoming a major issue. As a long-established and considerate retailer in the wider community, we choose to play our part in helping to reduce this problem.

Unilet Sound & Vision offer a WEEE Take-Back Service, which is a like-for-like recycling service for every kind of domestic audio electrical product that we sell. This means that when you buy any NEW item from us – either instore or online – you may return an equivalent OLD item to us within 28 days of purchase for responsible disposal – free of charge.

Please note that you are not obliged to return your old items. If they are still in working order we suggest you donate them, gift them or sell them on. Our like-for-like take-back service simply aims to help prevent WEEE from being dumped or disposed of in household waste – a serious problem which causes environmental damage due to leakage of hazardous substances.

UK residents can recycle WEEE items at their local recycling centre. Some councils also provide a collection service alongside the standard recycling collections. The crossed-out Wheelie Bin icon displayed on each product is a reminder that all WEEE products can be recycled.

Here is how our scheme works:

“Like-for-like” explained

Like-for-like means that we can take back an equivalent item to the one you purchase. For instance, when you buy a new hi-fi amplifier, we can take back your old amplifier for responsible disposal. Similarly, when you purchase a new DAC or headphones, we can take back your old DAC or headphones if you wish.

The brand, size, value or condition of your old item is not important, however it must be in the same or equivalent category as the new purchase. You cannot buy a new pair of in-ear earphones, and then ask us to take back a television or microwave, for example.

28-day take-back limit

In all cases, you have 28 days from date of purchase to return your old equivalent item to our showroom in New Malden, Surrey.

Returning your old item

There are three ways to return your old equivalent item to us:

  1. Bring your old item into our New Malden showroom.
  2. Get your old item delivered to us (shipping charges apply).
  3. Ask us to collect your old item (collection charges apply).

There is no charge for the disposal of your old equivalent item, however you are liable for all shipping charges when posting your old item to us.

Should you wish for us to collect your old equivalent item from your home, we will charge appropriate transport costs for the service. Please do contact us for details before arranging delivery or collection.

Of course, the simplest option is to visit our New Malden showroom and bring your old item along with you. When you purchase your new item, our team will process your old item for you.

Required information

Whichever way you choose to return your old equivalent item to us, we will need the following information:

  1. Customer Name
  2. New Item – Make / Model / Date Of Purchase / Invoice Number
  3. Old Item – Make / Model / Date Of Return

If you are posting your old item to our showroom, please ensure you clearly mark the package WEEE Take-Back Scheme and include all the above information within the box.