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Come and discover
London’s hidden hi-fi store

Unilet Sound & Vision is one of South-West London’s hidden gems – a haven of delights for complete newcomers and initiated audio/visual enthusiasts alike – we welcome you all.

Established in 1969 on the date of the Apollo 11 Lunar Landing, this little hi-fi store continues to thrive due to an enviable reputation for spectacular customer service, detailed product knowledge and a true depth of hard-earned experience.

Take this quick tour of our Tardis-like showroom, then come visit and experience for yourself our enduring passion for all things audio/visual.

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Studio One

High-fidelity audio
demonstration suite

The perfect space to audition your chosen set of loudspeakers, audio component or complete hi-fi system. Studio One at Unilet Sound & Vision is designed to let you and your family listen in privacy, for as long as you wish.

Book a demonstration, relax in comfort with drinks and your preferred selection of music, and immerse yourself in the experience of true high-fidelity audio.

No high-pressure selling, no obligation. Take your time, ask questions, and let our experienced team guide you to your perfect sound.

OK, how about home cinema?

Studio Two

Home cinema & surround sound
demonstration suite

Specially equipped to demonstrate home cinema components and surround-sound systems. Studio Two at Unilet Sound & Vision features a 65-inch OLED screen, network streaming, and a full set of immersive sound options.

Book a demonstration, come visit, sit down with your favourite movie, and discover what proper sound can do for your home theatre experience.

Whatever the size & shape of your own space, our team can help you choose, install and maintain the perfect home cinema. Popcorn optional.

how about some headphones?

Audio Sanctuary

Premium headphones
& portable audio
demonstration space

Originally created to serve the needs of headphone and portable audio enthusiasts, Audio Sanctuary is a dedicated audition space within Unilet Sound & Vision – it even has it’s own website.

Come visit and experience a wide selection of premium headphones, earphones, and digital audio players from the world’s best brands, all connected and ready to deliver.

Want to bring your own music? No problem. We even have two massage chairs, for total relaxation and enjoyment while you listen.

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The Comparator

Quick comparison tool
for loudspeakers & components

Can’t decide between several different sets of loudspeakers? No problem – we’ve got you covered.

Our comparator lets you switch instantly between different speakers, amplifiers, and input sources. Change back & forth whenever you like, and feel the different sounds for yourself.

It’s always set-up with a range of popular options too, but if you’d like to compare something specific, just let us know and we’ll get everything prepared.

how big is this place?

Ross Halfin Gallery

Classic rock photography on
permanent exhibition

You’ve probably seen his work: Ross Halfin is one of the world’s foremost photographers, but most especially in the arena of classic rock artists.

Iron Maiden, Metallica, Def Leppard, Guns N’ Roses, Kiss, Mötley Crüe, Iggy Pop, and Amy Winehouse have all been in his viewfinder. Plus he was an official tour photographer for Paul McCartney, George Harrison and The Who amongst numerous others.

Unilet Sound & Vision are very fortunate to have a permanent exhibition of his work adorning our showroom. Come bear witness to his astonishing eye.

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The Test Zone

Multiple input sources
ready for testing

Whatever your preference for music storage and playback, Unilet Sound & Vision have high-quality components set-up and ready for you to test. Choose your source!

If you love the warmth and feel of analogue, bring your favourite vinyl records and we’ll use one of our many turntable setups.

Prefer the rapid access and convenience of digital? Sure. You can use any of our reference-level CD players, network streamers, or DAP’s as a music source.

Whatever you choose, it’s all about the music.

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Latest Ranges

Premium inventory,
constantly updated

Thanks to our long history and strong manufacturer relationships, you can always count on Unilet to have the latest product ranges available for demonstration and purchase.

We keep a wide selection of premium products in stock at all times, and if we don’t have it, we can usually source it for you in double-quick time.

From portable players, headphones, earphones, in-ear monitors, and portable DAC’s, right up to the largest floor-standing statement loudspeakers, you’ll find a great selection ready for you, whenever you choose to visit.

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Spares & Repairs

In-house service department,
repairs, and spare parts

Unlike most audio/visual retailers, Unilet Sound & Vision maintains an in-house service and repair department.

We’ve been taking good care of hi-fi components for fifty years, and we’ll happily care for yours, too.

We can rapidly replace earpads, cables, drive belts, cartridges, styli and batteries, and can investigate all manner of faults and odd noises. Bring it in, and let us work our magic.

We completely understand that many customers become attached to the character of a certain brand or unit, and would rather repair than replace – we’ll do our best, regardless of age or condition.

Do come visit, we’d love to see you