Head-Fi (Head & Earphones)

Your personal headspace. Your personal soundtrack. Make the experience uniquely yours.

High-end headphones and earphones deliver a beautiful, immersive soundscape of audio reproduction – for your ears only. It’s the perfect way to get closer to your favourite music.

When audiophile-quality performance meets stylish, practical design, the personal audio experience becomes something that enhances your lifestyle, no matter when, where and how you prefer to listen.

Unilet Sound & Vision stock a great selection of the worlds best closed-back, open-back, over-ear, planar magnetic, electrostatic, and in-ear systems, from brands including Sennheiser, Audeze, Focal, Meze, Mr.Speakers, Grado, Quad, STAX, Shure and Noble.

If you require help or advice on any aspect of headphones, earphones, or in-ear monitoring systems, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly, experienced team.

Ideally, come visit our London showroom for a demonstration of just how personal a great pair of headphones can be.

Headphones are just one part of a complete sound & vision system – and we can help with everything. See what else Unilet can offer.