Home Cinema

Unilet Sound & Vision are a specialist supplier of home cinema systems.

The term “Home Cinema” (aka Home Theatre or Movie Room) is commonly used to describe audio/visual home entertainment systems which try to replicate the commercial movie-going experience in a domestic environment – in other words, you get to watch your favourite movies in style & comfort, anytime, without ever leaving your house.

To achieve this experience requires a blend of great sound quality, great picture quality, and an ability to control your viewing environment. There is a lot to get right, and we can help you choose the right components, and get them installed in the right way.

Screen Innovations Transformer

KEF R-Series Surround Loudspeakers

Screen & Surround Sound

Perhaps the central part of home cinema, your choice of screen will play a defining role in the overall feel of your movie space. Options vary from a range of ceiling-mounted projectors (displaying onto acoustically transparent screens) and 4K-8K HDR ultra-high definitions televisions, and can even include moveable panelling or motorised curtains, hiding the screen when not in use.

As to the soundscape, the proper cinema experience will immerse the viewer in the musical score and the SFX. A high-quality, full surround-sound system will include front speakers, rear speakers, a centre speaker, a sub-woofer (for that all-important bass), and height speakers for object-based audio (Dolby Atmos / DTS:X). Many great brands offer a full cinema range, or you can mix & match as needed – we can help you decide.

REL G1 Series Subwoofer

Arcam FMJ Series

Receivers & Processors

Once screen display & sound outputs are sorted, you’ll need something to route the audio/visual signals to their correct place. The core of your home cinema system are AV Receivers and AV Processors, to which everything connects. These clever components ensure that sound is sent to the correct speakers, images are sent to the display, and everything is synchronised to occur at the proper time. Depending on your screen & loudspeaker choices, some brands may offer better solutions than others – again, we can help you make the right choice.

Equally important is your choice of media player – what good is all this amazing equipment if you have nothing to play through it? Things have moved on a bit from LaserDisc – now your options include 4K Blu-Ray Players, home media servers, and integration with network streaming providers such as Netflix and iTunes. Whatever you choose, we can make sure everything works together – seamlessly.

Panasonic DP-UB9000 4K Blu-Ray

GMP Popcorn Machine

Ambience & Extras

The finishing touches to your home movie environment are the things that many people don’t even consider. These include comfortable, dedicated seating, controllable ambient lighting (including underfloor and star-ceiling options), variable humidity and temperature, and of course integrated remote-control systems which allow full control of your theatre – without getting out of your chair.

Unilet can help you design, build and maintain your perfect home cinema suite – including the retro-style popcorn maker.