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ACS10 by Aurender is a caching Music Server / Streamer with USB output, plus CD Ripper / Metadata Editor / Dual-HDD Storage system and full Audio Library Manager, all in one sleek anodized aluminium casing.

Available in Silver or Black finishes.

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It has always been a goal for Aurender to develop an audio component that would replace the tasks usually associated with computers, tag-editing software and NAS drives. The ACS10 achieves this goal – meaning that computers and other IT products are no longer necessary to listen with or manage your digital music library.

Aurender’s CD ripping software, which is custom engineered to work with the high-quality TEAC CD-ROM drive, yields shockingly good CD rips! Sophisticated error detection and correction ensures accurate rips for great sounding results.

High-performance USB Audio Class 2.0 output allows ACS10 to function as a music server / streamer when connected to an external DAC. ACS10’s USB audio output quality is equivalent to N10’s USB audio output.

ACS10 supports all major codecs. PCM up to 786kHz/32-bit. DSD up to 256 DoP. Native DSD up to 512.

Full-linear power supply plus super-capacitor based uninterruptible power supply (UPS) for stabilizing the ACS10 under an abrupt power outage condition.

ACS10 can be used as a fully-functional music server and streamer delivering a pristine digital output via the filtered and isolated USB 2.0 audio port.

However, the highest audio performance is achieved when using the ACS10 alongside the A10, N10 or W20, where CD ripping, library management, 2X isolated LAN port, and powerful processor will greatly enhance the Aurender experience.

For existing Aurender users seeking to add the functions of CD ripping, expanded storage and backup and metadata editing, the ACS10 is the ideal companion. ACS10 can also be used as a stand alone server / streamer with an external USB DAC, if you so choose.


  • One-touch CD Ripping with metadata and cover art retrieval. Industrial-grade, tray loading TEAC CD-ROM drive.
  • Choice of FLAC, WAV and AIFF codecs. Unique user-defined target folder depository feature.
  • Acronova Nimbie AutoLoader USB support for unattended ripping of up to 100 CDs (Nimbie is a third party product, purchased separately).
  • Easy-to-use metadata editing application for easily correcting metadata or modifying to suit your own sorting requirements.
  • Support for using ACS10 as central library storage in addition to, or instead of, another Aurender music server’s internal storage.
  • ACS10’s SmartMerge will identify a network attached W20/N10/A10/N100H/N100C or X100L and allow user to see content from both libraries combined into one. (Note: SmartMerge can only be used 1+1, one ACS10 and one Aurender music server). Additionally, the Copy, Move, Delete and Duplicate Checker utility allows unprecedented control of your digital music library’s organization.
  • File storage is on dual 3.5” HDDs. Available factory fitted in a RAID 1 (Mirroring) configuration. User can change the RAID 1 factory setting making the ACS10 capable of total storage capacity of 16TB.


  • Material: Machined Aluminium
  • SSD for System & Cache: 240 GB (16 TB model)
  • System Memory: 8 GB (16 TB model)
  • Storage: 16 TB (8 TB x 2)
    – Please note that factory default storage configuration is RAID 1, which is a mirrored array, so total storage capacity is halved. The user may optionally reformat HDDs to use full capacity of both discs.
    – 24 TB (12 TB x 2) Model is also available – please contact Unilet for details)
  • Power: Full-Linear & UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) System
  • Display: 4.0" IPS LCD
  • Digital Audio Output: USB Audio Class 2.0 – DoP (up to 256), NativeDSD (up to 512), PCM up to 768 KHz / 32-bit
  • Input/Output: USB 2.0 (x2), USB 3.0 (x1), CD-ROM Drive Ripping-Only CD-ROM
  • Network: 1 Gbps LAN Hub Port (x3 total – x1 double-isolated)

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Founded in 2011 by Harry Lee, Aurender manufactures high performance, high-fidelity music servers and audio players. Most music servers were conceived as computers with some modifications to become music servers. In this manufacturing model, customers still end up dealing with a computer and all of its inherent hassles. Aurender's philosophy is to remove the hassles that take away from the enjoyment of computer (file) music.

Aurender stands for innovation, refined user experience, and impeccable quality.

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