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The Hugo M-Scaler from Chord Electronics is a brilliantly unique standalone upsampler/upscaler which dramatically improves the sound quality of digital audio signals.

Using unique filter technology, M-Scaler manages to upsample standard 44.1kHz digital audio up to an amazing 705.6kHz, ready for input to a suitable DAC.

M-Scaler can further extend this amazing upscaling performance to a huge 768kHz (from 96kHz input data) ready for input to Chord’s own dual-BNC-input DACs – the DAVE, the Qutest and the Hugo TT2.



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The Hugo M-Scaler from Chord Electronics is a highly advanced standalone upscaler (AKA upsampler) capable of redefining sound quality from digital audio.

Upsampling technology is commonly built-in to many DACs, however Chord have taken this aspect of signal processing and focused all their considerable talents upon refining and developing a dedicated standalone product.

Serious upsampling

M-Scaler uses unique filter technology to upsample standard 44.1kHz digital audio up to 705.6kHz (16x the 44.1kHz native resolution of CD’s), ready to be passed to a suitable DAC. The M-Scaler extends its upscaling performance to 768kHz (from 96kHz input data) for Chord’s dual-BNC-input DACs – the DAVE, the Qutest and the Hugo TT2.

M-Scaler brings the unrivalled advantages of Chord’s ground-breaking FPGA-based WTA (Watts Transient Alignment) filtering technology to digitally connected audio devices, dramatically improving sound quality. Although optimised for use with selected Chord Electronics DACs (for the maximum 768kHz upscaling/decoding benefit), the Hugo M-Scaler works well with other DACs with suitable inputs, subject to their decoding capability.

TT series compatible

The Hugo-M Scaler’s compact form factor aligns with the Chord TT (Table Top) series components, and has been designed to be stackable with other units in the range – including the TToby stereo power amplifier and the Hugo TT2, to form a highly advanced yet space-saving system.

In line with other models in the Hugo and Hugo TT series, the device features a number of illuminable fascia-mounted spherical controls, governing input selection, output sample rate and video mode for lower latency. The control spheres display data visually including input source and the incoming sample rate, using a polychromatic scale.

M-Scaler + Chord DACs

When partnered with either of Chord Electronics’ 768kHz-capable dual-BNC-input DACs, the Hugo M-Scaler sets an astonishing technical benchmark for digital audio performance at it price point, redefining sound quality from digital audio.

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