SME Previews New Twin Tonearm & Chrome Editions

New premium edition chrome versions for 12 / 15 / 20 / 30

SME Audio, the precision engineering company responsible for world-class high-end audio products have previewed some exciting developments to their model range for May 2020.

First, their well-regarded Model 12, Model 15, Model 20 and Model 30 turntables are now available in Premium Edition Chrome, which adds some extremely desirable and rather beautiful touches to these already quite lovely ranges.

SME Audio Premium Chrome Editions | Unilet Sound & Vision

New twin-tonearm range

Next, the new Model 12A Twin range, which all feature high-quality twin tonearms from the world-renowned SME tonearm range, allowing the user to run different cartridge / stylus / weight / balance / pressure combinations without the hassle of changing components.

SME Audio Preview Twin Tonearm & Premium Chrome Editions | Unilet Sound & Vision

Factory-fitted tonearms for the new Model 12A Twin range are as follows:

  • 12A Twin – fitted with two Model 309 Tonearms
  • 12A Twin Classic – fitted with two M2-9R Tonearms
  • 12A Twin Classic Plus – fitted with Model 309 & M2-9R Tonearms


At of May 2020, retail prices (inc-VAT) for these new offerings are as follows (E&OE):

  • Model 12A Twin – £11,660
  • Model 12A Twin Classic – £11,660
  • Model 12A Twin Classic Plus – £11,660
  • Model 12A Twin Premium Edition Chrome – £15,507
  • Model 20/3A Premium Edition Chrome – £21,346
  • Model 20/12A Premium Edition Chrome – £25,070
  • Model 30/2A Premium Edition Chrome – £39,966
  • Model 30/12A Premium Edition Chrome – £47,946

Where to buy

As an official retail partner, all products in the SME Audio range are available from Unilet Sound & Vision.

For demonstrations, product support and advice on all aspects of turntable & vinyl ownership, please don’t hesitate to give Unilet a call.

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