Digital delivery of audio/visual content. Quick, simple, convenient, unobtrusive.

Digital storage & playback of media files is now very common. In fact it is almost an expected capability of good quality hi-fi systems.

Using software such as Spotify Connect, Tidal or Roon, it is possible to directly stream music from many sources, including the internet, cloud services, your own local storage drive, or from any desktop computer, laptop, or tablet.

Unilet Sound & Vision can supply an excellent range of streaming components, including full solutions, from brands including Sonos, Innuos, Auralic, Chord Electronics, Heos, MusicCast and Roon.

If you require help or advice on any aspect of streaming audio or video, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly, experienced team.

Ideally, come visit our London showroom for a demonstration in our dedicated Home Cinema suite, and audition the system of your choice.

Streaming is just one part of a complete sound & vision system – and we can help with everything. See what else Unilet can offer.