Got ZEN? Get PhoenixUSB

Get Up To 15% Off PhoenixUSB Reclocker.

With this exclusive PhoenixUSB Offer, Innuos is providing all current and new ZEN series owners the opportunity to further augment the quality of their sound with the purchase of a new PhoenixUSB Reclocker at a special promotional rate of 10% off (for all ZENmini owners) and 15% off for all ZEN or ZENith Music Server owners during the month of October 2021.

For those who want to take their ZEN series server even further, the PhoenixUSB Reclocker can enhance the USB signal from any source and completely regenerate it to an extremely high-precision signal to feed into your DAC, allowing it to perform at its best. PhoenixUSB leverages the technology present on the Innuos Statement Music Server, offering in one unit what is most commonly available in the market as 3 separate components: USB Reclocker, Linear Power Supply and High-Precision Master Clock.

PhoenixUSB has a board designed from the ground-up by Innuos which contains a USB chip with no switching regulators and a 3ppb OCXO clock running directly at 24MHz and connected via a board track just a couple of inches away from the USB chip. Therefore, no precision is lost within cables and connectors, as is the case when using an external master 10MHz clock with an additional 24MHz clock generator. Additionally, the USB chip and OCXO clock are powered by two independent STATEMENT-level linear power supplies.

Promotion duration & discounts

The Innuos PhoenixUSB discount promotion is valid until 31st October 2021, and will attract the following discounts on a new unit:

  • 10% off MSRP for all ZENmini Music Server owners.
  • 15% off MRSP for all ZEN or ZENith Music Server owners.

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If you already own any Innuos ZEN series unit and are interested in purchasing the PhoenixUSB Reclocker, please don’t hesitate to give Unilet a call.

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