Munich High-End Audio Show 2023

Unilet Sound & Vision visited the 40th Anniversary of the High-End Show, held in Munich, Germany.

The biggest event in the world of hi-fi, home cinema and premium audio reproduction is undoubtedly the Munich High-End Show. This global gathering takes place annually at the MOC in Munich, Germany, drawing enormous crowds from the industry and public alike. All are eager to see, hear and experience the greatest in audio reproduction.

With over 800 brands displaying their wares to over 20,000 visitors, this prestigious four-day event dedicates the initial two days purely to trade and industry. The remaining two days are open to the general public too, and the crowds are tremendous.

This year was extra-special, as the event marked the 40th anniversary of the High-End Show. The team at Unilet Sound & Vision wad fortunate to attend for the entire four days. We experienced the complete show, talking to brands and representatives, and making connections to bring the worlds best audio gear back to our little corner of South-West London.

Rooms & complete systems

Many of the well-established brands equipped full rooms with complete audio systems. This was a chance for visitors to become immersed in the ethos and concept of a brand, and discuss the finer points of system integration with the representatives.


A huge number of loudspeaker designs were on display, in all shapes, colours and sizes, featuring the best and newest developments in both active and passive technology. Wired and wireless functionality were both represented, providing multiple options for all needs.

Turntables & record players

Lovers of vinyl reproduction were extremely well catered-for at this, the 40th anniversary of the Munich High-End Show. Some truly majestic turntables were on display, plus a great many chassis / platter / drive / tonearm / headshell & stylus designs covering all price points and levels of detail.


High-end audio is all about component perfection and system synergy, and so naturally there was a vast array of individual components available for demonstration.

And more…!

No Munich High-End Show would be complete without seeing imagery or products which made us smile, reminisce, or just marvel at the endless creativity of the people in our industry.

Where to buy

If you are tempted, then a great many of the brands exhibiting at the 2023 Munich High-End Show are available from Unilet Sound & Vision in South-West London. Plus, our vast array of industry contacts allow us to reach all the others. Do get in touch if there is something you wish to know more about.

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