Custom Cable

Unilet Sound & Vision are specialists in bespoke cabling solutions for all audio/visual applications. We began offering a custom cable service in 1983, and have been cutting, soldering, jacketing and terminating all manner of cable for over 35 years now.

We fully understand that electronic components usually require a myriad of related transmission connections in order to function properly, and we appreciate the frustration that comes with discovering you have the wrong plug, or the incorrect length. It’s unbearably irritating.

Our in-house workshop facilities were set-up to address exactly this issue, so if you need pretty much anything concerning AV cabling, do call us first. If we can’t supply it from stock, we can usually make it.

Custom Loudspeaker Cables / van den Hul

Custom Interconnect Cables / Atlas

Loudspeaker Cables & Interconnects

Speaker cable transmits the audio signal from amplifier to loudspeaker, whilst interconnect cable transmits the audio signal between system components (e.g. CD player to amplifier, or from pre-amplifier to power amplifier). They are the most commonly requested kind of custom cables, mainly because the layout of every system is different. There is no such thing as standard distance.

Unilet Sound & Vision can build you a complete set of custom-length cables to perfectly fit any required run, or distance between components. Amongst others, we employ cable from The Chord Company, Atlas, QED, Audioquest, van den Hul, Supra and Insert Audio, in a range of colours.

Depending on your proposed usage, we can also provide options for shielded/unshielded, or balanced/unbalanced, as needed. We also offer a wide range of quality options, including standard copper, oxygen-free copper (OFC), linear-crystal oxygen-free copper (LC-OFC), PCOCC, silver-plated copper, silver-infused copper, pure silver, gold, rhodium, and carbon too.

Custom Interconnect Cables / The Chord Company

Custom Speaker Terminations / The Chord Company

Data Cables & Power Distribution

Great quality analogue cables are an essential part of AV systems, however many modern systems also require excellent digital connections too, for the transmission of streaming audio and control data.

Unilet Sound & Vision can supply a wide range of pre-made USB (including USB-A, USB-B, USB-C, USB-Micro) and HDMI cable solutions from in-house stock, in many varied lengths and quality options. We can also provide LAN and Ethernet RJ/E , CAT6 and CAT7, optical cable, digital XLR and even the occasional DIN cable too.

We also carry stock of mains power distribution solutions, mains suppression and surge protection products, multi-socket power strips, and extension cables.

Digital Data Cable Solutions

Digital Interconnect Cable Solutions

Termination & Jacketing

Termination refers to the kind of plug fitted to each end of your chosen cable, and there are a huge range available for analogue, digital, and power applications.

From the very common jack plug in 1/4-inch (standard) and 3.5mm (mini) varieties, both male and female, our stock includes RCA connectors, phono connectors, banana plugs, coaxial plugs, XLR connectors, kettle-style 3-pin power leads, and many more. If it can fit on the end of a cable, we probably stock it.

Finally, there are usually several options for jacketing your cable, including rubber, plastic, varieties of braided/knitted sheathes, and multiple colour choices too. So whatever your AV cabling requirements, do get in touch with your specifications.