Repairs & Servicing

Unilet Sound & Vision are specialists in the care, maintenance, service and repair of all audio components, including legacy equipment.

If your equipment is faulty, we can assess, diagnose and usually provide a full repair within a few weeks. Your unit will be returned with a further 90-day warranty, and in many cases we are able to provide a loan unit so that your system keeps working in the meantime.

We are also very happy to provide routine maintenance according to manufacturer schedules, which can include on-site servicing and firmware/software updates of digital devices.

We also offer a full set-up service for mechanical audio devices, such as turntables, tonearms, cartridges and styli, and are happy to offer some TLC to magnetic tape mechanisms (although be aware that replacement parts for these are often difficult to acquire).

In-House Hi-Fi Electrical Testing

In-House Hi-Fi Fault Diagnosis

In-House Repairs

Our first level of service is the in-house repair. Bring in your unit, and we’ll check it out for you.

We are able to assess, diagnose, service and repair many units on the premises in our own workshop area. We have decades of experience with all hi-fi components – analogue and digital – and are well aware of common issues which may present.

Our staff can replace all audio-grade and regular fuses, swap-out damaged driver units and crossovers, replace styli and cartridges, test connections and earthing issues, diagnose faults, and perform routine care & maintenance tasks according to proper schedule.

A small deposit may be required for this service, depending on the nature of the issue.

In-House Audio Grade Fuse Replacement

In-House Loudspeaker Driver Replacements

Engineer Repairs

For anything we cannot repair or service in-house, we use our long-standing arrangements with independent repair technicians. These excellent folk are manufacturer-trained, and specialise in maintaining products from the vast majority of audio brands, past and present.

Simply drop your unit into our showroom premises when convenient, and we will take care of the rest for you. Your item will be sent to an engineer for assessment, a quotation will be provided, and you decide whether to proceed with the necessary repair, or not.

A small deposit will be required for this service, which in all cases covers the assessment time and transportation costs. If you choose to proceed with any repair, your deposit will be deducted from the total repair cost.

We Arrange, Pack & Ship For External Repairs

We Arrange Manufacturer Returns & Warranty Repairs

Manufacturer Repairs

Sometimes a component will need to be returned to the original manufacturer. This may be for a repair whilst under warranty, or perhaps because our customer prefers for their unit to receive manufacturer-only service. That’s absolutely fine.

Unilet Sound & Vision have strong links with all manufacturer service departments, and if needed, can arrange for manufacturer collection & delivery of your unit. Simply drop the product into our showroom, and we’ll do the rest. A deposit may be required depending on the nature of your warranty agreement with the manufacturer, however shipping is often paid on your behalf.

Whatever your service or repair needs, do get in touch and start a conversation.