Classic Vinyl Records

Although not a full-on record shop, Unilet Sound & Vision run a much-loved sideline in classic and rare vinyl records, directly from our showroom. Given that we sell awesome turntable systems, it’s not really surprising that we stock vinyl too.

If you’re someone who enjoys good quality analogue recordings, whether albums, multi-disc collections or limited edition boxsets in nice heavyweight vinyl, feel free to drop in and browse our selection. You’re especially welcome if you’ve never experienced vinyl before, and would like to learn more about the format, and the reproduction systems.



All Artists, All Genres

We try not to specialise in any particular genre, or champion any particular artists. We stock rock albums, soul albums, folk, jazz and electronic recordings. We have discs by reggae artists, blues artists, funk bands, and solo singer-songwriters. If it’s good quality, we like it.

Our focus is more upon the timelessness of the recording (we love classic albums), the story of how the album came to be, and the quality of the vinyl pressing itself. It doesn’t hurt if the sleeve artwork is awesome, and the liner notes tell a wonderful story, or have great lyrics and photos of the artist.

Pro-Ject Spin Clean Record Washer

Pro-Ject Brush-It! Record Cleaning Brush

Aftercare & Advice

We all know that one major attraction of vinyl is the level of care it demands – a fact to which any decent collector can testify. Unilet Sound & Vision are fully aware of this requirement, and are happy to provide everything that a record enthusiast could need.

We stock everything from anti-static cleaning cloths and cleaning fluid, to replacement record sleeves, to antistatic sprays & guns, and even full record cleaning machine systems (RCM’s) from Kirmuss Audio, Knosti and Pro-Ject.

We also have everything required to keep your turntable itself in excellent working order. Find out more about this on our Turntable & Vinyl Systems page.

Anti-Static Record Sleeves

Knosti Anti-Static Record Cleaner

Can’t Find It?

If you are looking for a very particular artist, 12″ album, or 7″ single, please feel free to get in touch. Our long-established presence in the UK audio industry means that we have good contacts with many collectors, rare vinyl enthusiasts, and music suppliers. Perhaps we can help you locate that special recording?

Finally, if you need some advice on choosing vinyl for a special someone (or even yourself, heaven forbid), we are happy to curate a list of classic titles which are sure to make any music-lover very happy indeed.