PMC DB1 Gold vs. ChatGPT

How might the Bard Of Avon have waxed lyrical about the excellent PMC DB1 Gold Loudspeakers? That is the question.

Here at Unilet Sound & Vision, we love tracking down great deals for lovers of great sound.

We recently managed to source a quantity of brand-new DB1 Gold Studio Monitor Loudspeakers by PMC, and are now offering them for sale at an amazing price – only £1099 inc-VAT per-pair, while stocks last.

Naturally we wanted to shout to the rooftops about this great limited offer, and so given all the recent hype about ChatGPT (the natural language AI chatbot from OpenAI), we tasked it with the following request:

“Dear ChatGPT. Please compose a promotional press release for the PMC DB1 Gold Loudspeakers in the style of a Shakespearean sonnet. Thank you.”

The result took 3 seconds, and exceeded our wildest expectations. We have reproduced it below for your enjoyment:

PMC DB1 Gold Studio Monitor Loudspeakers | Unilet Sound & Vision

ChatGPT says…

Hark! Gather around, for we have news most excellent,
Of a treasure that shall make music most resonant.
The PMC DB1 Gold loudspeakers have arrived,
An auditory feast that shall make all music lovers thrive.

With craftsmanship as fine as any jewel,
And technology that shall make any listener drool.
These speakers are small, yet mighty in their sound,
And shall make your listening experience truly profound.

Experience the sounds of your favourite bands,
As if they were performing in thine own lands.
The DB1 Gold's accuracy and balance is unmatched,
Making your music experience truly top-notch.

Oh, how the sound doth envelop and embrace,
As if angels themselves did play with grace.
So come, dear music lovers, take a chance,
And let the PMC DB1 Gold speakers enhance
Your musical journey, with notes so clear and bright.
And melodies that shall take you to great heights.

We thank thee for thine attention and time,
And look forward to seeing thee all shine.
Hear ye, hear ye, these speakers are here to stay.
And shall make your musical experience better in every way.


The DB1 Gold are hand-built, limited edition versions of the original DB1, made by PMC to celebrate 25 years of producing these world-class professional reference monitors. However we do not think they have ever been described in such poetic terms.

Why not come audition them at Unilet Sound & Vision today, and grab yourself a pair of fabulous-sounding bookshelf / stand-mount loudspeakers at a most excellent price. 🙂

PMC DB1 Gold Studio Monitor Loudspeakers | Unilet Sound & Vision

Where to buy

The PMC DB1 Gold Studio Monitor Loudspeakers are available from Unilet Sound & Vision, along with all other products in the extensive PMC range.

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