Save £50 With Ruark R1 + BackPack + Remote

R1 Mk4 bundle deal adds portability and remote operation for less.

Highly-regarded UK audio company Ruark Audio are offering a great bundle offer on their excellent R1 Mk4 Deluxe Bluetooth Radio.

Purchase the R1 Mk4, plus the BackPack 3 portable battery pack, plus the tidy little Compact Remote Control, and save &pound:50 on their combined SRP. This offer runs from 1st February until 31st March 2023, while stocks of all components last.

Previous R1 models were critically acclaimed for their sound, but with R1 Mk4, Ruark Audio have further raised the bar. With their heritage in high-fidelity loudspeakers they understand the complexities of enclosure and drive unit design, and of making sure that both are matched to each other.

In particular their latest neodymium NS+ driver, as used in the R3 and R5 models, provides a smooth and extended frequency response. In R1 Mk4’s tuned enclosure it delivers an impressive bass performance, too.

Driving the system is a punchy Class A/B linear amplifier for exceptional dynamics and with adaptive equalisation an eminently listenable sound is provided at all volume levels.

BackPack + Remote Control

Ruark Audio Bundle Deal R1 Mk4 + BackPack + Remote | Unilet Sound & Vision
Ruark Audio Bundle Deal R1 Mk4 + BackPack + Remote. Available from Unilet Sound & Vision

Adding a BackPack means that the R1 Mk4 becomes portable, and can be used anywhere without needing a mains power supply. BackPack remains connected to the unit, and is recharged whenever your R1 Mk4 is plugged in again.

Adding a remote means that your R1 Mk4 can be controlled from a distance, enabling key operations to be performed without leaving the comfort of your chosen seat, in home or garden!

Where to buy

This bundle deal and ALL products from Ruark Audio are available from Unilet Sound & Vision.

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