Turntables & Vinyl Systems

Unilet Sound & Vision are specialists in high-fidelity turntable systems, vinyl audio reproduction, and aftercare services.

If, like many people, you’re looking to get into (or return to) the lovely warm analogue depths of the phonograph, do get in touch. There have been some wonderful developments in design and implementation over the past few decades, and the technology now has a lot to offer.

With improvements in sound quality, reliability, mechanical action, and just sheer design excellence, it is no wonder that turntables are once more becoming a key part of the home media equation.

SME Model 30 Gold Edition

Michell Engineering Gyro SE

Turntables & Tonearms

Quality vinyl reproduction systems do contain a surprising number of components: Your favourite vinyl will be supported and spun at a constant speed by the turntable platter and drive assembly, allowing the audio recording etched into the groove to pass through stylus, cartridge, and tonearm into a dedicated phono-stage pre-amplifier, and from there into your main amplifier and loudspeakers.

Although we certainly supply turntables and tonearms as complete plug-and-play systems, be assured that each of the aforementioned components (including their individual connectors) can be swapped-out and upgraded as required.

In addition, as official retail partners for many key brands, Unilet provide in-house set-up, advice, servicing and maintenance to ensure all parts of your turnable mechanism continues to operate with smooth efficiency.

Pro-Ject Audio 6perspeX

Pro-Ject Audio RPM5

Cartridges & Styli

Unlike digital systems, part of the beauty of analogue audio is the use of beautifully-engineered moving parts and items which make physical contact with the recording medium. It’s a very tactile experience.

However this does mean that some components are consumable, and will require replacement towards the end of their life. If things start sounding a bit “off”, then consumable items are usually a good place to start your investigation.

Styluses (or styli) fall into this category, as do magnetic cartridges, and of course the vinyl record itself. Ensuring your stylus & cartridge are in good working order is a key aspect of vinyl longevity, so if in doubt, please drop us a line for advice

Tonearms: Project 12cc Evolution (Top) / Vertere Reference (Bottom)

Cartridges: Ortofon, Dynavector, Benz Micro

Accessories & Aftercare

Keeping things clean and maintained is always a good idea, and there are many excellent accessories to help you do so. Unilet can supply anti-static cleaning cloths, sprays, bearing lubrication oils, replacement drive belts, and even dedicated record-cleaning machines.

We can also check the alignment of your stylus, the pressure of your tonearm assembly, and the electrical conductivity of every tiny connector. Whatever the make or model, you can trust Unilet to provide excellent TLC. Taking care of turntable systems is something we love.