AV Installations

Unilet Sound & Vision are specialists in the planning, sourcing, and installation of high-fidelity audio/visual systems.

For all of us, there comes a time when putting your stereo system on a few planks of wood and some bricks just isn’t good enough. If it’s time to get your living room, music room, or whole home properly kitted out, do give us a call.

We are happy to explore options and provide a range of quotes for any system, to fit any space, for any purpose. Our in-house team have fifty years of experience in designing and installing hi-fi and home cinema, both for residential or commercial purposes.

Floor-Standing System Installations

Cabinet-Mounted Installations

Floor, Cabinet Or Shelf?

Regardless of the installation, and before selecting appropriate components, we will always consider the intended space and the intended purpose of the system – we work with our clients to answer key questions which are not always obvious.

For instance; should some or all of your units be visible or on display? Will your speakers be required to fill a large space with sound, or perhaps focus onto a particular area? Is your space open and of uniform dimensions? Will we need to cater for protrusions, shelves and/or alcoves in the acoustic design? Would you prefer your wiring to be hidden, perhaps in the floor or walls? How is the room constructed? Will the ultimate space be multi-purpose, or for a singular function?

Our long experience with such matters will help ensure your installation proceeds according to schedule, with the minimum of fuss and disruption.

Statement / Reference System Installations

Living Room Audio/Visual Installations

Wall, Ceiling Or Hidden?

Whilst floor-standing statement systems are amazing, not everybody has the space or desire to dedicate a room to a set of large, beautiful loudspeakers. We totally understand this, and can provide many options to make your system as unobtrusive as you wish – or even hidden completely.

Bookshelf speakers and surround speakers can sit comfortably amongst your ornaments and belongings, and todays wireless connectivity can help reduce or eliminate trailing cables.

Wall and ceiling mounted speakers can be fixed onto – or inside – the surface construction, and covered to look like paintings or murals. There are even lightbulb speakers which hang from the ceiling, looking to all the world like a pendant light.

Your sound can be larger than life – but your system doesn’t have to be.

Wall-Mounted Installations

Immersive / Surround-Sound Installations

Aftersales & Support

Whatever system you opt for, and regardless of the size and complexity of the installation, you can be confident that Unilet Sound & Vision will be on-hand afterwards to provide help and support as required.

From the little questions when you’re getting used to your new system, right up to unforeseen problems, service and repair, and even future upgrades to an already-installed system. We have been in business for more than half a century, and we plan to be around for many years to come.