Site Surveys

Unilet Sound & Vision are happy to make on-site visits to survey any space, either for the purposes of future installation, or just for your peace of mind when purchasing components.

Space is personal, and extremely subjective. We know from years of experience that although supplied photos and descriptions of an area are useful, they are no substitute for personal visits and a proper on-site survey.

During a site visit we can take our own photos, make plans & drawings, measure distances, check out construction materials, consider power points and cable routing, test the strength of RF signals, check reflections, sight-lines and possible audio distortion points – all with a eye towards acoustic design and fulfilling the ultimate purpose of your space.

On-Site Photography

On-Site Plans & Drawings

New Builds & Extensions

If you are buying a new-build property, or planning an extension to your current home, it is a good idea to consider your audio/video requirements well in advance of the completed build.

For new-builds, if we can survey before first-fix is complete, it is usually possible to integrate all necessary cabling, fixtures and mountings behind walls, floors and skirting in preparation for when you move in.

For those planning to include an AV system in a new extension, do get in touch with us early on in the planning. We can survey the space, then work as needed with your architect and builder to ensure you get the perfect system, and the perfect sound when your new room is complete.

AV Installations For New Builds

Extensions & Music Room Surveys

Renovations & Upgrades

For those who have an existing space to be converted, renovated or re-purposed with an audio/visual system in mind, it may be a good idea to call Unilet before you start, or at an early point in your project.

That way we can take into account your existing room dimensions and features, any services (power, light etc) and provide you with a range of options and quotes which will suit both your budget, and your requirements.

Renovation Surveys For A/V Systems

A/V Room Repurposing Surveys

Quotation & Reporting

When our site survey is complete, we will provide you with detailed specifications of the space, our proposals and considerations regarding your intentions, and a range of quotations covering different systems and components.

The sooner you contact us, the earlier we can get started and turn your wishes into a plan. So there is no reason not to get in touch and start a conversation about your dream set-up. We are happy to help.