Portable Audio

Unilet Sound & Vision are specialists in high-fidelity portable audio.

The concept of personal sound has come a long way since the Stereobelt of 1972, and subsequently the Sony Walkman range of personal players. With the advent of MP3 players, the iPod and then integration with the iPhone, most of us now have access to our favourite music at any time, wherever we go.

Many people will look no further, however there are many brands who strive for excellence and the true high-fidelity experience from their portable audio products, and it is with such brands we partner.

Astell&Kern SP1000M Portable Player

FiiO M9 Portable Player

Portable Players / DAP

The term Portable Audio covers many different components (including headphones & earphones), however the heart of the system is the player.

Digital Audio Players (DAP) are the modern version of the classic iPod, and todays units boast significant improvements in many areas: Long-life batteries, huge internal storage capacities (256GB+), removable extra storage (via SD card), seamless search and playback functions, and extensive support for all file formats means that you really can take an audiophile-quality music library out on the move.

Onkyo DP-X1 Portable Player

FiiO BTR1X Bluetooth Amplifier

Portable Headphone Amps

Regardless of their chosen player, some listeners prefer to drive their high-end headphones using a dedicated portable headphone amplifier.

This approach can bring many benefits – such amplifiers are specially designed for the volume, tone, and current requirements of headphones, and can offer much lower distortion and lower impedance, leading to very high-fidelity sound reproduction. The difference is clearly noticeable, even on basic headphones.

However for those who prefer the sound of high-end electrostatic headphones, a dedicated amplifier remains a prerequisite for mobile use, as portable players cannot provide the necessary driving power required.

Questyle QP2R Portable Player

Pioneer XDP300R Portable Player

Portable Streamers / DAC

It is perfectly possible to get exceptionally high-quality sound when on the move, even for those who prefer the convenience of streaming media and wireless connectivity.

Portable streamers and portable DAC’s (digital-to-analogue converters) allow you to get the absolute best from any audio source – wherever you are – connecting to a media library via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, and converting your smartphone into a proper hi-fi quality device.

As always, we can help you navigate the options and choose the perfect set of components for your portable audio requirements. Come visit, and listen to our range today.