Reactor In Stereo

Devialet release new Reactor software

Devialet have released a software update for their excellent little Phantom Reactor loudspeaker, which introduces true stereo to the game.

Phantom Reactor is built on a new version of the Devialet Operating System (DOS 2). With it, you can configure two Phantom Reactor of the same model and demonstrate them as a pair to your clients. Ease of use of the Devialet app for Phantom Reactor makes it easy to turn your system from Solo to Duo in seconds, without Dialog.

Using the new Duo Mode, you can now link a pair of Phantom Reactors together, creating the widest possible sound stage from ultra-compact speakers. This means even more power and emotion, and even more immersion in your favourite music, movies and games.

Creating a stereo pair adds up to three extra decibels (3db) to the SPL, and up to 1800 watts of double power. Added impact. Multiple emotions. Infinitely compact. Phantom Reactor in stereo gives you unprecedented levels of ultra-pure sound for speakers this small, and their unique side-driver design lets sound hit you from all angles.

With Phantom Reactor in stereo, you’ll be sitting centre stage where you belong. The new Duo Mode permits immersion so real it pulls you into the moment. Become part of every scene and song – widen the soundstage – widen your perspective on entertainment as a whole. Pure sound. Deep and immersive. Unreal for a system this compact.

Where to buy

This stereo software update is available to download from

All models in the Devialet Phantom Range, including Classic, Reactor and all related accessories, are available from Unilet Sound & Vision.

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