Hello World

We are building a new website

Unilet Sound & Vision have been around for a while now. We started on 20th July 1969, the date of the famous Apollo 11 Lunar Mission which first set astronauts of the human race upon the surface of our moon.

Our shop is not quite as famous, and our mission is not quite so stellar. However whilst the Apollo 11 journey took just eight days, three hours, eighteen minutes, and thirty-five seconds, the Unilet journey is still going – fifty years later.

So as part of our half-century celebrations we are building a new website. Our previous one was built in 2014, and the world has moved on a lot in five years. We hope our many loyal and valued customers will bear with us during these improvements, and we look forward to revealing our lovely new online platform later in the year.

Here’s to the next fifty years of awesome high-fidelity. Keep listening!