New Preamp For Quad Artera

Quad re-tilts the balance

The Artera Series’ first dedicated preamplifier sees the return of Quad’s much-admired analogue sound tailoring controls.

The new Artera Pre draws upon the company’s rich technical heritage whilst being a design firmly of the present. The first dedicated analogue preamplifier to join the Artera Series, Quad’s flagship range of solid-state audio electronics, the Artera Pre reintroduces a famous Quad feature – the Tilt control.

First available in 1982 on the classic Quad 34 preamplifier, the Tilt control was created by Quad founder Peter Walker as an audiophile-quality answer to tone adjustment. He believed that in the real world, the ability to adjust tonal balance on an amplifier was useful to cater for different rooms and recordings, but that typical tone and EQ controls were clumsy and inadequate in their effect.

The Artera Pre’s electronics design team was led by Jan Ertner, architect of many acclaimed audio components. His goal was to create a preamplifier that exemplifies state-of-the-art design, transparency of sound and fidelity to the source, whilst also providing those classic, expertly engineered sound tailoring options for an ideal balance between sonic purity and versatile control.

Worthy addition to a flagship range

Quad Artera Pre | Unilet Sound & Vision

Available in either Black or Silver front panel finsih, Artera Pre joins the Artera Play+ CD player/DAC/preamp, Artera Stereo Power Amp and Artera Solus all-in-one system in Quad’s flagship range of solid-stage audio electronics.

The Artera Pre and Stereo are perfect partners – the latter sports the latest version of Quad’s famous Current Dumping topology to deliver a captivating combination of dynamic power, vice-like grip and sumptuous sonic detail from a compact, cool-running power amp.

Where to buy

The new Artera Pre and all other units in the Artera range are available from Unilet Sound & Vision.

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  • Darren Beard

    I’ve owned the Artera Preamplifier for 8 weeks now and I’m very impressed with the sound quality and flexibility of the adjustments possible. I bought the Artera pre to be a volume control for my new Elac Navis arb-51 active speakers. The synergy between them is everything I could of wished for. The sound is big, open, clean and clear and never harsh or bright, even when the volume is turned up! But what’s really impressed most is the amount of flexibility the Preamplifier gives me and is able to fix the poor acoustic issues I have with the room. For the sound and pleasure this piece of equipment gives me I would happily pay twice the asking price £999.00… ABSOLUTE BARGAIN, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. only one minus is the very small menu screen. My source is a Yamaha cds 2100 sacd player with Qed reference xlr cables.

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