New Improved Devialet Care

Longer coverage, lower price

Devialet Care is an existing extended warranty option available on all purchases of Phantom Premier or Phantom Reactor loudspeakers. With Devialet Care, your investment is protected with an extra year of warranty and can be replaced – once – at a much lower preferential price in case of accidental damage.

Following feedback from customers, Devialet have now revamped and improved this package. Owners can now benefit from FIVE YEARS of warranty coverage (increased from three years), plus the subsidised replacement fee for a new unit has been lowered, and will not exceed 20% of the original purchase price.

All Devialet Care purchased after 10th October 2018 (inclusive) will benefit retroactively from these generous new conditions.

Care Illustrations

Model Devialet Care RRP Replacement Unit Fee
Reactor 600
Reactor 900
£99 £199
£219 £249
£219 £299

Where to buy

Devialet Care and all Devialet products are available from Unilet Sound & Vision.

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