Devialet Treepod Stand


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Treepod by Devialet is a high-fusion stand for the Phantom Premier loudspeaker.

Featuring an ingeniously crafted isostatic base, Treepod is both a bold design statement and the perfect fit. Thermally connected to the Phantom Premier, Treepod provides optimal conditions for high-endurance performance.




Assembled in Devialet’s workshops in France with wood sourced from sustainably managed forests, this design stand is an exceptional pairing with Phantom Premier.

Treepod’s solid beech legs are the result of flawless wood-turning, and are seamlessly fused with a single piece of hand-polished foundry made from a fine, ultra-resistant cast aluminium alloy.

Treepod’s uncluttered and elegant design brings together the highest quality materials to reveal Phantom’s epic silhouette in all glory. Plus the minimalist design is the perfect combination of form, function and technology.

Supplied With

  • Treepod: One base, three legs
  • User manual

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Devialet was born in 2007 as a response to the paradox that whilst music has never been so accessible in terms of volume, the quality of the sound itself, and the way technologies manage to restitute it, remains questionable. The purity and detail that make music what it is, continues to elude us.

The company name is a reference to engineer Guillaume Vialet, a companion of Diderot and contributor to the French Encyclopedia. Vialet is widely known as one the intellectuals who, through their intellectual, cultural and scientific commitment, contributed to the betterment of the world.

Devialet | Unilet Sound & Vision

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Weight 1.1 kg
Dimensions 37.0 × 42.4 × 34.5 cm


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