Network Acoustics ENO Streaming Systems

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The ENO range of streaming systems by Network Acoustics are designed to prevent interference and noise entering your digital audio system.

Each system comprises an ENO Ethernet Filter, plus a 1-metre ENO Streaming Cable. Together, these products enable streaming equipment to work at full capability, allowing you to hear more space, pace, dynamism, clarity realism in your music.

Available in Ag (silver conductor) and Cu (copper conductor) versions.

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ENO Streaming Systems

In 2020, Network Acoustics collected an Innovation accolade from The Ear for their streaming connectivity products. To celebrate, they have put together the ENO Streaming System in both Ag (Silver) and Cu (Copper) versions, both of which include an ENO Ethernet Filter plus a 1-metre ENO Streaming Cable. This offer is available for a limited period only.

Each of the individual Network Acoustics filters and cables can be purchased directly from Audio Sanctuary, our global mail order service.

ENO Ethernet Filter

A unique passive filtering system which connects between your network switch / router and your streaming device. ENO filters out electrical noise, which would otherwise be delivered via the ethernet cable into your sensitive audio equipment. ENO Filters do not modify the data-stream in any way – they are a purely passive device.

Available in two versions, ENO Cu and ENO Ag offer equally exceptional performance and are made with two different high purity UPOCC conductors, with identical internal construction. They are only separated by slight variations in their sonic signatures. Both versions effectively remove RFI/ EMI noise, delivering a clean ethernet data stream into your streaming device.

  • Input: Amphenol chassis-mounted RJ45 connector.
  • Output Cable: 35 cm custom-made, high-quality UP-OCC continuous cast, 99.999% pure conductor cable with Telegaertner RJ45 CAT8 connector.
  • Wire: 99.999% purity UPOCC conductors.
  • RFI/EMI Filter: Hand-made highly efficient, precision tuned, custom RFI filter.
  • Construction: Hand-assembled and individually tested in the UK.
  • Enclosure Material: Non-magnetic ABS plastic
  • Dimensions: 120 x 94 x 32 mm
  • Weight: 245 g

ENO Streaming Cable

Designed around 100 MB/s precision-weave cable architecture, using the best conductors on the planet and terminated with Telegartner CAT 8.1 wide bandwidth connectors. ENO Streaming cables are designed exclusively to deliver the highest quality audio reproduction.

  • Precision hand woven cable architecture.
  • Bespoke high purity UPOCC conductors.
  • Telegartner Cat8.1 wide bandwidth gold plated connectors.
  • Useful 1M length as standard. Other lengths available.

Streaming System Ag

Special limited-time package offer which includes an ENO Network Filter Ag plus a 1-metre ENO Streaming Cable Ag.

  • ENO Ethernet Filter Ag
  • ENO Streaming Cable Ag
  • Package saves £225 on separate purchases!

Streaming System Cu

Special limited-time package offer which includes an ENO Network Filter Cu plus a 1-metre ENO Streaming Cable Cu.

  • ENO Ethernet Filter Cu
  • ENO Streaming Cable Cu
  • Package saves £225 on separate purchases!

Full Network Acoustics Range Available

Unilet Sound & Vision are official retail partners for Network Acoustics, providing sales, advice and assistance on their entire range of high-quality streaming products. Please do get in touch if you would like a demonstration or wish to purchase.

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Network Acoustics

Network Acoustics is a digital-first audio electronics company set up by Rich and Rob, two music-loving audio designers on a mission. Their goal is to design products that make streamed music sound as good as it possibly can.

Network Acoustic make Ethernet filters and digital cables which are designed exclusively for high-quality audio reproduction. These products have no effect on the data flow - the zeros and ones remain unchanged - instead they remove noise and interference, allowing the receiving circuitry in your device to perform to its full potential.

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ENO Streaming System Ag, ENO Streaming System Cu

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