Vertere Acoustics ISO Foot Isolator / Coupler

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ISO Foot by Vertere Acoustics are isolator / coupler feet for audio components. Place between the supporting surface and the component to effectively reduce ambient vibration from reaching the signal chain.

Supplied in sets of four, which includes 4 x ISO Balls and 4 x Stainless Steel Balls.


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ISO Foot

ISO Foot (or ISO Feet) by Vertere Acoustics are isolator / coupler feet, especially suitable for sensitive and high-quality audio components.

Place an ISO Foot at each corner of the component to be isolated, directly onto the supporting surface, to effectively reduce ambient vibrations from reaching and entering the signal chain.

ISO Foot can also be used as a coupler, allowing stacking of audio components whist preventing transmission of vibration from one component to another.

Quality isolation lowers the noise floor of your system, and can make a surprising difference to the overall quality of your playback. Demonstration recommended.

Supplied in sets of four, which includes 4 x ISO Balls and 4 x Stainless Steel Balls.

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Vertere Acoustics

Vertere Acoustics are innovators in high-quality record players, tonearms and audio cables, with a clear promise to enhance your system: Add any Vertere component, it will elevate your musical experience, and get you closer to the live performance.

Their range of carefully-engineered luxury record players, tonearms and audio cable systems make Vertere the perfect choice for all music-lovers and hi-fi enthusiasts – maximise your system’s sound by sorting its weakest link first.

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