Vertere Acoustics Tempo Precision Motor Drive

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Released in April 2021, and based upon the Vertere Acoustics reference motor drive, the Tempo Precision Motor Drive is a next-generation digital drive which utilises much of the reference advanced control circuit design, implemented to advance beyond the capabilities of the previous SG motor.

Available in Black finish only.

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When playing vinyl records, the music we hear, in reality, comes from the motor.

The motor is the only source of energy in the system, and it is this energy that drives the record past the stylus, thus making the music we hear. Any amount of noise or fluctuation in the drive system will adversely impact the music. Detail, dynamics, timbre, timing and musicality are just some of the qualities that will suffer as a result.

Tempo Precision Motor Drive takes control of the record player motor, providing it with smoother drive, lower noise and lower distortion. As with the Vertere reference motor drive, the internal circuits are uniquely microprocessor based, providing pure sine waves in the digital domain, then converting to analogue via an on-board DAC. Two waveforms are derived – cosine and sine – which are then amplified using two bridged amplifiers to power the motor.

Tempo enhances the musical performance and makes the experience of listening to vinyl on the RG-1 or the SG-1 much closer to the original master recording.


  • New generation digital motor drive.
  • High-precision microprocessor controlled.
  • Gold-plated PCB.
  • Double-shielded circuitry.
  • Dedicated motor link.


  • Technology: Microprocessor Controlled & Programmable
  • Input Power: Dedicated DC Power Supply
  • Output Drive: Bi-phase Bridged Amplifier
  • Output: Precision Sine & Cosine Waves
  • Output Adjustment: 33 | 45 Phase Angle & Level
  • Output Voltage: 17.5 Vac rms (Two Phases)
  • LED Illumination Output: 12 Vdc (Fixed)
  • THD+N: <0.1%
  • Circuit Shielding: Triple Shielded
  • Motor Link Cable: Dedicated Two Phase + LED Power
  • Power Consumption: <30 Watts Max.
  • Dimensions (D x W x H): 220 x 128 x 58 mm (including selector & feet )
  • Weight: 1.3 kg

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