Chord Electronics Symphonic MC Phono Stage

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Symphonic by Chord Electronics is a moving coil (MC) phono stage that brings advanced features and proprietary technology to vinyl replay.

The Chord Symphonic enables easy integration of turntables into any system, yielding exceptional performance from your analogue music collection.

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Part of the Choral range by Chord Electronics, the Symphonic is a flagship MC phono stage, offering a range of advanced features over the entry-level Dual. The high-performance Symphonic uses the latest high-frequency power supply technology to exploit the full potential of vinyl, along with many new key features, to bring the performance levels in line with other Choral range products, including the world-famous DAVE DAC / Preamp.

Symphonic offers an almost infinite number of input impedance and gain options as well as balanced and unbalanced input options to the cartridge, making it a highly flexible device for integrating high-quality turntables into Chord systems. The comprehensive settings options are all externally selectable, with selections signified internally with illuminating LEDs.

A rumble filter removes unwanted low-frequency rumble signals appearing on both channels. Symphonic conforms to the RIAA curve without the IEC roll-off when the Rumble filter is set to off, for preamps: CPA 2500, CPA 3000, CPA 5000, and CPA 8000. This is commensurate with the high calibre of Chord amplification. The IEC curve response can be added by setting the Rumble filter to ‘on’. According to the wiring of the tonearm on the turntable used, the Symphonic can be operated in either an unbalanced or balanced mode.


  • Moving-Coil Cartridge Only.
  • HF Switch Mode Power Supply.
  • Selectable Gain.
  • Selectable Impedance.
  • Rausch Slope Rumble Filter.
  • Balanced XLR Input.
  • Balanced XLR Output.
  • Fully-Balanced Circuitry.
  • Unbalanced RCA Input.
  • Unbalanced RCA Output.
  • Solid Aluminium Chassis.


  • Selectable Impedance: 4.7 Ω, 33 Ω, 100 Ω
  • Selectable Gain: 40 dB – 80 dB
  • Inputs: 1x Stereo Balanced XLR Pair, 1x Stereo Unbalanced RCA Pair.
  • Outputs: 1x Stereo Balanced XLR Pair, 1x Stereo Unbalanced RCA Pair.
  • Input Noise: 1.5 nV / Hz
  • Max Output Voltage RMS: 10 V
  • Equalisation Range: 12 Hz to 25 kHz
  • Equalisation Response: RIAA Curve
  • Equalisation Accuracy: +/- 0.1 dB
  • Frequency Response: 5 Hz – 40 kHz
  • Rumble Filter: Rausch Slope -24 dB per octave below 50 Hz
  • Output Impedance: 520 Ω (resistive)
  • Output Drive: Can drive 600 Ω at 50 % output.
  • Input Power Supply: 50 V AC – 260 V AC, auto-adjust 50 Hz – 60 Hz
  • Dimensions (including connectors): 333.5 (W) x 59 (H) x 142 (D) mm
  • Weight: 6 kg

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