Ruark Audio R3S Compact Music System

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Building upon already impressive performance, the previous Ruark Audio R3 has been further refined, and is now named the R3S.

Outwardly, R3S retains the same beautiful compact design with its acoustically tuned handcrafted cabinet and high contrast OLED display, but inwardly R3S features a powerful new processor and revised circuitry to deliver slicker performance and an even more engaging sound.

Available in Rich Walnut or Soft Grey lacquer finishes.



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With R3S it’s time to discover again the music you love and just how enjoyable and relaxing listening can be through a system that will enhance your home and life.

Pull up a chair, take the weight off your feet. Stream something new or find those CDs you thought you had forgotten about and listen to something from a while back. The memories, in high definition detail, come flooding back.

Building upon its already impressive performance for 2023, R3 has been further refined and is now named R3S. Outwardly R3S retains the same beautiful compact design with its acoustically tuned handcrafted cabinet and high contrast OLED display, but inwardly R3S features a powerful new processor and revised circuitry to deliver slicker performance and an even more engaging sound.

Driving the system is a dynamic High Fidelity amplifier combined with our custom NS+ drivers and for R3S we’ve now included STEREO+ sound processing which we developed for our limited edition R5 Signature. This creates a broader soundstage with depth and realism that extends way beyond R3S’s compact stature. Whatever your taste in music, R3S will fulfil the needs of even the most discerning listener.

Key Streaming Services

R3S directly supports key streaming services including Spotify Connect*, Amazon Music and Deezer, and with its latest generation Bluetooth 5 receiver every other streaming service available.

Bluetooth 5 provides excellent sound quality with a more robust and efficient connection meaning that connected devices will run longer without needing a recharge. The Bluetooth function also seamlessly integrates with the volume control on phones and tablets, so when volume is adjusted this also shows on the display of R3S.


Radio is evolving and with its SmartRadio tuner R3S will maximise your enjoyment of this timeless medium. DAB/DAB+ and FM tuners provide access to local and national broadcasts and its Internet Tuner allows you access high quality streams and stations world-wide. In addition with the growth of Podcasts, R3S now has a source dedicated to this increasingly popular format.

For listen again shows and whatever your interest, a podcast to suit your taste is only a few clicks away using the slick RotoDial controller or supplied IR remote. Also available is a free Android and iOS control app called Oktiv. This also allows full control of R3S and is particularly useful for searching Internet radio stations and podcasts.


  • Class-leading audio with enhanced Stereo+ sound.
  • Comprehensive Wi-Fi streaming.
  • Quality slot loading CD player.
  • New generation Bluetooth 5 receiver.
  • SmartRadio with Internet/DAB/DAB+/FM tuners.
  • Dedicated podcast source.


  • Multi-format slot-loading CD player.
  • Spotify Connect*, Deezer and Amazon Music.
  • SmartRadio with Internet/DAB/DAB+/FM tuners.
  • New generation Bluetooth 5 receiver.
  • Comprehensive dual alarms and sleep timer.
  • Dedicated podcast source.
  • Class leading audio with enhanced Stereo+ sound.
  • Adaptive EQ provides ideal sound at all volumes.
  • Acoustically tuned handcrafted enclosure.
  • Powerful high fidelity Class A-B stereo amplifier.
  • Ruark NS+ neodymium full range drivers.
  • Stereo+ sound processing.
  • Adjustable bass and treble settings.
  • Intuitive Ruark RotoDial controller.
  • Remote control with direct access presets included.
  • Presets to store favourite stations and playlists – 8 per source.
  • Full control and search with free Oktiv control app.
  • USB-C port for MP3 playback and phone charging.
  • Switchable analogue and digital inputs for aux devices.
  • Multilingual UI (EN, DA, NL, FR, DE, IT, NO, PL, ES, SV).
  • Analogue stereo output.
  • Active subwoofer output.
  • Headphone output memorises last used volume.
  • Auto dimming high contrast display.
  • Automatic standby after 20 mins inactivity.
  • Power Adapter: 100-240 V AC, 50-60 Hz input, 14 V DC 2.85 A output.
  • Dimensions: H167 × W420 × D220 mm (including RotoDial and aerial)
  • Weight: 5.3 kg

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Weight 5.3 kg
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Grey, Walnut

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Ruark Audio

Formed in 1985 and located on the south-east coast of England, Ruark Audio are a family-owned company with an amazingly passionate team. Originally making loudspeaker systems for audio enthusiasts, the company has since successfully expanded into radios and music systems that look - and sound - fabulous in any space.

The company mission remains threefold: First, to design products that appeal to the heart as much as the head. Second, to create design icons of the future, and third, to develop class-leading performance, with intuitive operation and functions that are truly beneficial.

Ruark Audio have been well rewarded in their endeavours, with all their products continuing to receive a great deal of critical acclaim.

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