Esoteric F-05 Integrated Amplifier


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F-05 is a premium-quality integrated amplifier from Esoteric.

Highly recommended for those who value the exhilarating feel of music’s rich expression, the F-05 provides the power to dynamically open any soundstage, and deliver exceptional levels of performance – especially when used in combination with any of Esoteric’s state-of-the art digital players.

Available in Silver finish only.

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Representing a new generation of integrated amplifiers, Esoteric’s new F Series has been thoroughly invested with proven results gained in the development of their flagship Grandioso line of separate amplifiers.

With the goal of capturing all the inherent warmth and texture of music, not only were the outstanding expressive powers of the Grandioso line pursued, but also the utmost limits of audio performance were concentrated into a configuration offering excellent usability combined with an attractiveness that more than compensates for the limitations of their size.

F-05 was designed as a core component of this new range. Like the F-03A, its fully balanced preamplifier section was acquired from the Grandioso C1, and its high-powered amplifier modules were acquired directly from the Grandioso S1.

As first seen in Esoteric’s premier models, F-05 employs a complete dual-monaural configuration through all stages of amplification, from preamplifier inputs to the final stages of the power amplifier.


  • Full analogue amplification circuitry
  • Fully integrated format
  • Fully balanced preamplifier section
  • Dual monaural configuration
  • Esoteric QVCS (Quad Volume Control System)
  • Ultra Low Noise Logic Control
  • High-Precision Ball-Bearing Control Knobs
  • Dual Mono Phonostage Preamp
  • High-Quality Headphone Amplifier
  • 3-Band Tone Control (T/M/B)
  • Balanced Power Amplifier Input Stage
  • Large Capacity Custom Power Transformer
  • Low-Impedance MOSFET Speaker Output
  • 3D Optimised Chassis Construction

Included Accessories

  • Power cord x1
  • Remote control (RC-1301) x1
  • Batteries for remote control (AAA) x2
  • Felt pads x4
  • Owner’s manual x1
  • Warranty card x1


  • Rated Output: 120W + 120W (8Ω) / 240W + 240W (4Ω)
  • Total Harmonic Distortion: 0.007% (1kHz, 8Ω, 120W)
  • Frequency Response: 10Hz – 100kHz (+0 / −3.0dB at 1W output)
  • S/N Ratio: 110dB (IHF-A)
  • Damping Factor: 370
  • Minimum Compatible Impedance: 4Ω
  • Speaker Output Connectors: 2 pairs, screw type (L/R)
  • Input Impedance: XLR, RCA 10kΩ / PHONO (MM) 47kΩ / PHONO (MC) 100Ω / EXT. PRE IN 47kΩ
  • Output Impedance: XLR, RCA 100Ω / PRE OUT S/N ratio (at 1V output) / XLR, RCA input 110dB / PHONO (MM) input 93dB / PHONO (MC) input 75dB
  • Gain: Preamplifier 24dB (when VOLUME at maximum) / Power Amplifier 29dB
  • Tone Controls: BASS ±12dB (63Hz) / MID ±12dB (630Hz) / TREBLE ±12dB (14kHz)
  • Power Supply/Consumption: AC 230V 50Hz / 380W (no signal: 68W), AC 120V 60Hz / 320W (no signal: 68W)

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The Esoteric corporate philosophy has been embodied through providing superb audio and video products for over two decades. The company pursues a unique path as a high-end audio/visual brand, focusing on components of higher value based on their own technical innovation and proprietary technologies.

Esoteric state that despite changing times and whirlwind markets, there remain musical and visual connoisseurs who seek true excitement. As long as there are such people, the company will continue to develop and release new products that improve upon the state-of-the-art within each business category that they pursue.

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