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Fenestria is the loudspeaker you’ll never hear. This top-of-the-range product in the legendary FACT series by PMC, these beautiful speakers do not add, subtract, or change anything about the music you choose to play, giving perfect high-fidelity sound.

PMC’s patented Advanced Transmission Line (ATL) bass-loading technology and state-of-the-art looks to create a loudspeaker which adds no sound of its own to the music it reproduces.



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Fact Fenestria

With the PMC Fact Fenestria loudspeakers, all unwanted resonances and unnatural colouration are engineered out of the design, leaving nothing but music. No added flavours or colouring.

Other loudspeakers produce unwanted vibrations in the drivers and cabinet that colour the sound. Just as a shaky camera cannot produce a clearly focused image, these unwanted vibrations reduce the clarity and precision of the sonic imaging.

Free-Floating Drivers

The nest’s minimal, sculpted form is decoupled from the cabinet, connecting with it minimally via four isolation mounts.

This excludes vibrations that might colour the treble and mid-range, while the baffle-less design excludes reflections that degrade the imaging in traditional cabinet loudspeakers, creating the sonic impression that the drivers are suspended freely in space.

Vibration Cancellation

All loudspeaker cabinets, irrespective of their structure and weight, radiate energy at their resonant frequency.

Extensive vibration studies carried out during Fenestria’s development phase gave the PMC design team the precise data they needed to tackle this issue in the evolving loudspeaker.

Adding a large weight (called a Tuned Mass Damper) is added to the top of skyscrapers. This prevents the formation of destructive seismic vibrations during earthquakes. As the building oscillates, the mass moves in opposition, cancelling out the unwanted resonances.

Using the same principles, the planar wings of Fenestria’s cabinet have been precisely engineered to resonate in opposition to rest of the loudspeaker assembly, so that unwanted vibrations are eliminated before they ever leave the cabinet.


The source of PMC’s legendary natural, realistic sound is the Advanced Transmission Line (ATL) bass-loading technology, professionally proven all around the world.

ATL uses energy generated by the bass unit in a much more intelligent, efficient way than speaker designs based on ported or sealed boxes. In ATL loudspeakers, the highly braced cabinet is lined with a multitude of custom-designed acoustic materials that absorb all but the very lowest frequencies. These exit from a front-panel vent, extending the low-frequency response, and creating the impression of a far larger speaker with an extra, ultra-high quality bass unit.

Finish Options

Fact Fenestria is available in three high-quality finishes: Tiger Ebony, Rich Walnut, and White Silk.

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Rich Walnut, Tiger Ebony, White Silk

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The Professional Monitor Company was founded in 1991 by Peter Thomas of the BBC and Adrian Loader of FWO Bauch.

Their combination of knowledge and a life-long passion for music led to the production of PMC’s first product, which was snapped up by BBC Maida Vale Studios and Metropolis Mastering and has remained the world’s reference ever since. PMC are one of the very few companies who have been awarded an Emmy for their contribution to recording excellence., and the company reigns supreme throughout the leading mastering houses, broadcasters and much of the professional world.

PMC believe a good loudspeaker should be able to relay the purest intentions of the artist without colouration – The ideal solution for both studio & home.

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