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PULSE Network Music Player by Innuos further adds to their emtry-level PULSEmini model by having 8GB RAM, an AES/EBU output instead of RCA, plus an all-new custom RECAP2 LPSU power supply.

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The PULSE Network Player raises the bar above the entry-level PULSEmini by integrating the new custom RECAP2 LPSU power supply, designed in collaboration with Dr. Sean Jacobs, bringing in a smoother and more organic sound that you can enjoy for hours without fatigue.

RECAP2 uses only high-grade components such as:


  • Medical-grade filtered IEC.
  • Audio-grade toroidal transformer with epoxy-filled centre for dampening vibration, magnetic screening with coated SYN-SHIELD copper tape between windings and wrapped in black Mylar Tape.
  • Over 40000µF of high-end Mundorf Capacitors.
  • Coilcraft Inductor.

The PULSE further adds to the PULSEmini by having 8GB RAM for handling even larger music library databases and has an AES/EBU output instead of RCA for further connectivity with audio systems.

PULSE Series

The new Innuos PULSE series brings you the Innuos experience whether you want to mostly play music from streaming services like Qobuz or TIDAL or whether you just want another zone in your home connected to your main music server.

Each of the Innuos PULSE Network players can be used in two different modes:

  • In Standalone mode, you are able to use the Innuos Sense app to play streaming services, Internet Radio and music stored on a NAS to a multitude of audio systems. In this mode, the network player becomes the centre of your audio system, enabling also to use the Sense app with other streamers on your network.
  • In Endpoint Mode, the PULSE Network Music Players connect to a main Music Server, be it an Innuos Music Server, Roon Core, HQ Player or any Logitech Media Server based server. The PULSE will then show as a zone on the respective music server app and you will use that app to browse and play music on the Pulse Network Music Players.

In Standalone Mode, users will benefit from all the features of the Sense App including:

  • TIDAL and Qobuz integration including Artist Bios, Related Artists, Top Tracks and more.
  • Ability to manage TIDAL and Qobuz albums together with albums stored on a NAS for a unified Music Library
    Internet Radio with easy preset creation.
  • Radio Paradise.
  • Ability to search tracks playing on Internet Radio / Radio Paradise on Streaming Services.
  • Fast Integrated Search through Streaming Services and music on a NAS.
  • Easy creation of playlists from multiple streaming services and music on NAS.
  • Possibility to integrate BBC Sounds, Spotify Connect and Airplay connectivity based on the provided Logitech Media Server platform.
  • Curated and Configurable Smart Mixes based on your music.
  • Home Screen widgets on the app to access your favourite features at the touch of a button.

Full Innuos Range Available

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Innuos was founded in the UK in 2009, with the vision that one doesn't need to sacrifice sound quality nor be a technology wizard to enjoy the convenience of digital music. By working closely together with end users and partners alike, the company understands what customers require in their music solutions, an approach which has been driving their research and development since conception.

Digital Audio is a fast-evolving area, with new products being constantly introduced in the market. Instead of designing closed solutions, Innuos build products to be open, which allows excellent integration with all the most popular hi-fi and multi-room products on the market.

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