McIntosh MC257 7-Channel Home Theatre Amplifier

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Bring your home cinema dreams to life with the MC257, a superb 7-channel power amplifier by McIntosh Labs.

Experience the latest blockbusters along with your favourite movies like never before, with the sound quality and theatrical power only McIntosh equipment can deliver.

Available in Black finish only.

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Highlighted by the new eye-catching TripleView™ Power Output Meter, the MC257 independently indicates the real time power reading of the amplifier’s three front channels.

The easy-to-read, 38 cm TripleView meter design is a streamlined approach to the three individual meters found on the previous generation 7-channel amplifier. Instead of three separate meter windows each housing a single meter, the TripleView features three traditional mechanical meters in a single meter enclosure.

While a totally new design, each of the three pointers in the TripleView meter have the same inviting motion that McIntosh meters are known for and perform at the same high level. The captivating look and glow of the TripleView meter is sure to be a conversation starter, but its trademarked blue lighting can be turned off so as not to compete with your TV or movie projection screen.

MC257 also features many other upgrades. When using just the front left, centre and right channels, power output has been increased by 25% – from 200 Watts per channel to 250 Watts per channel! When using all 7 channels, each will receive a healthy 200 Watts per channel.

Regardless of how many channels are used, the full 200 or 250 Watts is delivered to either 4 or 8 Ohm speakers via the Dynamic Power Manager® technology. Filter capacity has been increased by 20%, producing an amazing 94% lift in dynamic headroom – from 1.7 dB to 3.3 dB as well as improving low frequency performance. Both are key features in a home cinema amplifier, especially when listening to powerful, energetic soundtracks.

MC257 comes with five McIntosh Monogrammed Heatsinks™ connected to advanced high-current output transistors which efficiently and silently cool the amplifier – noisy cooling fans that can interfere with the movie soundtrack are not needed.

A quiet, specially wound toroidal isolation power transformer also helps keep noise to a minimum. Speaker terminals have been updated to standard gold-plated binding posts that prevent corrosion and ensure a quality signal is sent to your speakers. Power management has also been added, turning the amplifier off after a set amount of time when no input signal has been detected. Finally, the front panel is now lit by direct LED backlighting for improved colour accuracy and durability.

Besides all these upgrades, MC257 comes with steadfast McIntosh technologies like Power Guard™ to prevent potential speaker damage caused by clipping and over-driving of the amplifier. Sentry Monitor™ technology protects against short-circuits by disengaging the output stage should the current ever exceed safe operating levels (it then resets automatically when operating conditions return to normal). Both balanced and unbalanced inputs are included to connect MC257 to your AV processor.

The MC257 can be used in many ways: it can power a 7-channel home cinema by itself; it can be paired with digital amplifiers for home theatres that have more than 7 channels; or it can be used in 5-channel home cinemas with 2 channels available to power a second audio zone in your home.

MC257 sits on a polished stainless steel chassis and bears the classic McIntosh design of a black glass front panel with the TripleView meter, illuminated logo, control knobs, and aluminium end caps.


  • 250 Watts x 3 Channels / 200 Watts x 7 Channels
  • TripleView™ Power Output Meter
  • 94% increase in Dynamic Headroom
  • Dynamic Power Manager®
  • Power Guard®
  • Designed for home theatres / home cinemas


  • Power Output per Channel: 250 W @ 4 / 8 Ohms (3 front channels only), or 200 W @ 4 / 8 Ohms (all 7 channels)
  • Number of Channels: 7 (can also be used as a 2-zone amplifier with 5 channels in zone A and 2 channels in zone B)
  • Total Harmonic Distortion: 0.005%
  • S/N below rated output: 108 dB
  • Dynamic Headroom: 3.3 dB
  • Damping Factor: >70 @ 4 Ohms / >140 @ 8 Ohms
  • Rated Power Band: 20 Hz to 20 kHz
  • Frequency Response: +0, -0.025 dB from 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz / +0, -3.0 dB from 10 Hz to 100,000 Hz
  • Remote Power Control: Yes, 7 or 5 + 2 channel
  • Speaker Binding Post Type: Standard
  • Circuit Configuration: Push-Pull Complementary
  • Circuit Design: Solid State
  • Output Type: Direct Coupled with Dynamic Power Manager®
  • Meters: Yes
  • Meter Light Switch: Yes
  • Balanced Input: 7
  • Front Panel: Glass
  • Illumination: Direct LED
  • Chassis Style: Polished stainless steel & black painted steel
  • Unit Dimensions (W x H x D): 44.5 x 23.9 (including feet) x 53.3 cm (including front panel and cables)
  • Unit Weight: 43 kg
  • Shipping Weight: 58 kg

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