Audiolab 6000CDT CD Transport

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The 6000CDT by Audiolab is a dedicated slot-loading CD Transport, featuring robust read-ahead technology with a digital buffer. Requires separate DAC and amplification, such as the Audiolab 6000A.

Part of the excellent Audiolab 6000 Series of cost-effective, high-quality audio components.

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The 6000CDT is a dedicated CD transport which incorporates the same slot-loading mechanism as the flagship Audiolab CD player (the 8300CD).

Extremely robust and reliable, 6000CDT uses a read-ahead digital buffer to reduce disc-reading failures, able to play scratched and damaged CDs that are unreadable by conventional mechanisms.

A CD Transport differs from a CD Player because it houses no electronics for decoding the information recorded onto compact disc media. It only extracts information, as well as handling mechanical operations for playing the media or accessing the tracks on a disc.

An example of a transport for a storage medium would be an audiophile-grade audio CD transport, which houses no digital-to-analog converter (DAC), unlike most ordinary audio CD players. Instead, the audio CD transport is connected to an external DAC via a coaxial (SPDIF) or optical (Toslink) digital audio connection to convert the digital audio information to analog for interfacing to most audio equipment.


  • Digital Output Voltage Level: 600±50mVpp
  • Frequency response: <0.01dB @ 20-20kHz
  • Output Impedance: 75±1 ohm
  • Max Sampling Rate: 44.1 KHz
  • Max. Power Consumption: 15W
  • Standby Power Consumption: <0.5W
  • Power Requirements: 240V / 50-60Hz, 230V / 50-60Hz, 115V / 50-60Hz, 100V / 50-60Hz

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Formed in the early 1980s by Philip Swift and Derek Scotland, Audiolab earned worldwide acclaim with their 8000A - an integrated stereo amplifier that became a classic ‘step-up’ from the budget models of the time. During the ensuing years, the 8000A established itself as one of the most successful British amps ever produced, and was joined by a range of electronics including CD players, pre/power amps and an FM tuner.

The brand switched hands in 1997, changing its name to TAG McLaren Audio, and was so known until 2004 when Audiolab became part of IAG and returned to its original name.

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