Chord 2go Music Streamer / Player Module (for Hugo 2)


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2go is a high-performance compact streamer/server module, which connects to the Chord Hugo 2 portable DAC / Headphone Amp.

Once connected, 2go transforms the Hugo 2 functionality, adding both Ethernet and wireless streaming, plus 4TB of microSD card storage.

Available in Silver or Black finishes.

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2go is a high-performance streamer/server that transforms the Hugo 2 DAC into a fully featured Wi-Fi and Ethernet-enabled device with up to 4 TB of solid-state library playback, bringing the award-winning Hugo 2 DAC technology to network audio.

Featuring built-in microSD storage slots (up to 4TB maximum capacity), plus Roon, AirPlay, DLNA and much more. 2go brings the power, convenience and versatility of digital streaming to your Hugo 2 portable device.

With 2x 2TB-rated microSD card slots for digital storage and playback, 2go enables Hugo 2 as a high-capacity digital music server (using MPD), in addition to its music streaming abilities. Crucially, when using 2go with Hugo 2, (once charged) all forms of digital playback can benefit from battery power alone, negating the need for external power supplies for the ultimate in purist audio.

2go contains highly advanced miniaturised electronic engineering that, in keeping with all Chord amplifiers and DACs, uses proprietary British technology. Combining 2go and Hugo 2 creates the most sonically advanced compact music streamer available today.

Wireless convenience (2.4GHz Wi-Fi and A2DP Bluetooth) combine with the stability and performance of wired (Gigabit) Ethernet connectivity, the latter offering set-up-free plug and play operation. 2go also benefits from comprehensive audio interfacing and offers Tidal, Qobuz and Internet radio playback with Spotify (and others) earmarked for the future.

2go is Roon Ready, offers gapless audio and DoP/Bit Perfect support, as well as being fully DLNA-compliant (server/renderer) and AirPlay-ready.

Every audio interface is always on and ready to go, and auto-switching between inputs is as easy as pressing play on your chosen control point app. 2go convenience-switches between all its inputs automatically, giving a seamless user experience when playing music from different sources or even streaming services.


  • Setup and configuration via Gofigure iOS/Android app
  • Battery or desktop mode operation
  • 8 Hour playback via internal battery
  • Super fast triple-core audio processor
  • Long range WiFi (2.4GHz) streaming
  • Gigabit ethernet connectivity
  • Bluetooth A2DP playback
  • Airplay playback
  • 2x Micro SD storage (up-to 4TB)
  • Roon endpoint
  • DLNA streamer/server
  • Stream internet radio
  • Up-to 768kHz playback
  • Up-to DSD 256 playback
  • DSD via DoP
  • Automatic playback mode switching
  • Secure docking / locking mechanism
  • Multi-room streaming
  • Gapless playback
  • Solid CNC machined chassis

Included Accessories

  • 1.5m 5v 2a Switching Micro USB Power Supply
  • Get started with 2go guide
  • Cotton Drawstring Bag
  • 1m Ethernet cable


  • Compatibility: Hugo 2 (DAC/Preamp/Headphone amp) or 2yu required.
  • Power supply: Internal battery with maximum 8hr playback. Desktop mode activated upon insertion of Micro USB charging cable.
  • Wireless connectivity: Long-range 2.4GHz WiFi, Bluetooth 4.1 A2Dp
  • WiFi modes: Connect To mode (2go connects to an existing 2.4GHz WiFi network) or Hotspot mode (activated within the Gofigure app, 2go broadcasts its own WiFi network with SSID and password, if unable to connect to a static network).
  • Wired connectivity: Gigabit (GbE) ethernet.
  • PCM / DSD Support: 44.1kHz – 768kHZ (16bit – 32bit) | DSD 64 to DSD 256 (via DoP)
  • File formats: ACC, WAV, FLAC, AIFF, OGG VORBIS, ALAC, WMA, MP3
  • Initial setup, configuration, and updates: Via free Gofigure app available on iOS and Google Play store.
  • Music storage: 2x Micro SD card slots (up-to 4TB of total storage)
  • Playback: Roon (Endpoint), DLNA (server and render), AirPlay, Bluetooth audio (A2DP), Tidal, Qobuz, Internet radio (plus more to follow with software updates).
  • Gapless playback: Supported

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The company makes visually unique and sonically stunning designs with a timeless appeal, and have designed a whole product ecosystem with a beautiful industrial aesthetic to suit any environment. Chord products are a talking point in any location, from showroom to yacht, home to studio.

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