Sonos Wireless Home Cinema 5.1 Surround Set


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Comprising the Beam Compact Wireless Soundbar, the Sub Wireless Subwoofer, and two (x2) One SL Essential Wireless Speakers, this great 5.1 Surround Set from Sonos is the quick, simple way to set up a wireless home cinema system in just minutes.

Set available in Black or White finishes.



5.1 Surround Sound Set

Set up your own Wireless 5.1 Surround Sound Home Cinema system in just minutes, with this complete set from Sonos.

Beam Soundbar is placed below your television to provide centre dialogue and spacious left/right channel sound. Sub is placed on the floor or even under your sofa, providing deep bass, and two Sonos One SL Wireless Speakers can be placed at ear level behind you as rear stereo speakers, completing your soundscape for full immersive sound.

The entire set connects to your home WiFi network, enabling you to effortlessly stream audio and music on demand.

The Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa are built right-in to the system, so you can play music, check news, set alarms, get your questions answered, and more, completely hands-free.

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Founded in 2002, Sonos is an American consumer electronics company with a clear mission - help the world listen better.

Based in Santa Barbara, California, Sonos is widely known for the development and manufacture of smart speakers and fully-interconnected smart home systems. The company partners effectively with others to increase their catalog of services, including iHeartRadio, Spotify, MOG, QQ Music, and Amazon Music, and their technology aspires to work seamlessly with every virtual assistant on the market - Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant are currently well supported.

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