Quad ESL-2812 Electrostatic Loudspeakers


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Quad’s latest version of their highly acclaimed ESL (Electro Static Loudspeaker) series – the ESL-2812 is a celebration of a classic.

Using the signature mylar diaphragm, yet while re-evaluating all circuitry and components, the result is an authentic ESL experience – incredible full range accuracy and startling realism.

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The original ESL is a most iconic loudspeaker: The world’s first full-range, ultra-low distortion electrostatic loudspeaker, which set standards for accuracy and fidelity in loudspeakers that remain unsurpassed to this day.

A labour of love for founder Peter Walker, the ESL-57, as it came later to be known, is still revered by audiophiles all over the world.

ESL is the complete embodiment of the Quad company ethos – "The Closest Approach To The Original Sound" – reproducing a sound which is indistinguishable from having the performers right there in front of you. The latest models (ESL-2812 and ESL-2912) have built on the original concept with improved efficiency.


  • Format: Floor standing dipole with 3 degree fixed tilt
  • Type: Multiple Electrostatic Drive Membranes
  • Time Delay: Progressive Concentric Rings
  • Chassis Structure: Heavy Duty Composite Aluminium / Steel
  • Panel Elements: 4
  • Maximum Output: 2 N/m_ at 2m On Axis
  • Sensitivity: 1.5mbar Per Volt Referred To 1m (86 dB/2.83 V RMS Equivalent)
  • Impedance: 8 Ohms Nominal
  • Impedance Variation: 4-15 Ohms
  • Maximum Input: Continuous Input Voltage (RMS): 10V
  • Programme Peak For undistorted Output: 40V
  • Permitted Peak Input: 55V
  • Frequency Response: 37Hz-21kHz (-6dB), 33Hz – 23kHz (useable)
  • Distortion: (100dB at 1m) – above 1000Hz: 0.15%, above 100Hz: 0.5%, above 50Hz: 1.0%

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The history of Quad is one of technical achievement in the field of sound reproduction. It is a story that began with their first amplifier, which applied fifteen years of knowledge and experience in professional audio and industrial products to the task of making the most accurate domestic audio amplifier of its age.

Every product in the Quad portfolio of amplifiers, headphones, moving-coil loudspeakers and electrostatic loudspeakers have received international acclaim. However, Quad has never indulged in technical one-upmanship. Their technology exists for a purpose that has remained constant over the years - to reproduce music in a form that is the closest approach to the original.

Unilet Sound & Vision are one of the longest-established official Quad dealers in the UK, and one of only a handful of dealers for Quad Electrostatics in the entire country.

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Weight 35 kg
Dimensions 38.0 × 69.0 × 107.0 cm

Black / Rosewood

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