Auralic Sirius G2 Upsampling Processor

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The Sirius G2 from AURALiC is a digital signal optimiser without equal, eliminating noise and upsampling both PCM and DSD ready for delivery to the DAC of your choice.

The FGPA chip at the heart of Sirius G2 contains more than 200,000 logic cells and 740 DSP slices, all combining to provide massive levels of audio data processing capacity.

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NB: Superseded by Sirius G2.1 in June 2020. Sirius G2 is still available from AURALiC as a special order.

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Sirius G2

Sirius G2 is a high-fidelity upsampling processor that can be connected to any DAC, because it uses an open standard to deliver a variety of sample rates and formats. In addition, Sirius G2 removes noise from the digital signal before it arrives at your digital-to-analog converter.

Sirius stands as the fourth addition to the award-winning G2 Series of AURALiC products, alongside the Aries G2, Vega G2, and Leo GX. Together these components represent some of the most advanced digital sources currently available.

Combining the flexibility afforded by offering many features and a high level of performance, Sirius G2 has the ability to output PCM (up to 384 kHz) and DSD (up to DSD 512) and will surely drive your system’s level of performance from mere potential to full realisation.

The AURALiC Lightning Link used to connect all G2 devices is a low-jitter, bi-directional 18Gbps coupling that takes advantage of high-speed HDMI-type hardware connectors to provide a superior level or transmission control, making today’s ultra-high resolution digital music shine like never before.

Different from the other HDMI-based I1S connection, the bi-directional Lightning Link opens the door to jitter-free operation of all the devices in your system connected via Lightning Link. For example, clocking information (from destination devices such as the Vega G2) can then drive the Aries G2 timing for perfect data synchronisation.

Lightning Link also carries system control data for everything from volume control to processor engine setup, allowing all linked AURALiC devices to appear in a single, unified control interface.

The key to these innovations lies in Sirius G2’s state of the art Auralic Proteus G2 Co-Processing Platform; which harnesses a Xilinx XC7A200T FPGA chip at its heart, bolstered by 512MB of DDR3 memory. This FPGA chip contains more than 200,000 logic cells and 740 DSP slices, all combining to provide unparalleled levels of data processing capability.


  • Input Channels: Lightning Link (Up to 384K/32bit, DSD512), USB Audio (Up to 384K/32bit, DSD512), AES/EBU (Up to 192K/24bit, DoP DSD64), Coaxial (Up to 192K/24Bit, DoP DSD64), TOSLINK (Up to 192K/24Bit, DoP DSD64)
  • Output Channels: Lightning Link (Up to 384K/32bit, DSD512), 2*USB Hose (Up to 384K/32bit, DSD512), AES/EBU (Up to 192K/24Bit, DoP DSD64), Coaxial (Up to 192K/24Bit, DoP DSD64), TOSLINK (Up to 192K/24Bit, DoP DSD64)
  • PCM Sampling Rate: 44.1K – 384K (16 to 32Bit)
  • DSD64 Sampling Rate: DSD 512 (Both 44x and 48x)
  • Benchmark THD+N: <-150dB (Upsampling to any PCM or DSD64)
  • Benchmark THD+N: <-155dB (Upsampling to DSD128-DSD512)
  • Benchmark THD+N: <-130dB (Downsampling to 44.1K/48K)
  • Hardware Platform: AURALiC Tesla G1 General Computing, AURALiC Proteus G2 FPGA Co-Processing
  • Internal Clock: Triple Femto Clock, for Digital Outputs, USB Host and Proteus G2
  • Noise Elimination: Dual Galvanic Isolation Digital and USB Audio, EMI-Shielding Unity Chassis
  • Power Supply: Triple-Channel Purer-Power Internal linear power supply, 10uV low noise design for audio circuit

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AURALiC was born in 2009, built around the idea that true hi-fi should be accessible to everyone. Today the company enjoys a worldwide reputation for innovative digital and analog components that sound as great as they look.

AURALiC devices help you explore digital streaming, discover new music, and share experiences with friends. They connect your home by delivering high-resolution music to every room, and make novel use of your mobile devices to control it all. Combining progressive technologies that deliver on the promise of modern digital formats with revitalised analog circuitry and hardware rooted in classic designs, the company is always creating new ways to bring consumers closer to their music.

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